Programme: Dublin 2017

Dublin 2017

Authoring Change: Careers, Culture, Building Trust.

International Organizations Career Development Roundtable (CDR) brings together International Organizations across the multi-lateral sector, in particular from the United Nations System, the European Union, International Financial Institutions, as well as the national public sector, academia and private institutions.

The CDR is the largest Human Resources event on the multi-lateral calendar, taking place annually. Ever since its original conception, it has continually expanded with last year’s event in Helsinki attracting 215 participants from Organizations all around the globe. The XIV CDR was held this year in Dublin and was centered around the topic Authoring Change: Careers, Culture, Building Trust. A reception was held on the 4th of December 2017, followed by the Career Development Roundtable on the 5th and 6th. The International Careers Fair was held on the 7th of December.

The CDR aims to improve the management and strategic positioning of Human Resources in International Organizations by creating a network for this very specific setting, enabling the sharing of best practices, policies, tools and ideas. It thereby enables participating Organizations to improve productivity, efficiency and impact to constituents by attracting and developing high-performing professionals, assisting in the delivery of a diverse array of mandates and the better leveraging of efficiencies.

The CDR team will be uploading details for next year’s event in the coming months, hence we would encourage you to bookmark this CDR website and monitor progress on the site regularly. In addition, the CDR team has migrated much of the content of previous years’ Roundtables, effectively creating a knowledge bank of HR excellence.

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