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Welcome to Dublin
Host of the Career Development Roundtable 2017

In 2017, the annual Career Development Roundtable welcomed you to Dublin City, a thriving, cosmopolitan European capital. Here, the fusion of history and heritage with a young highly skilled population explains why this is a city with a passion for both business and the arts. In this section, you will find information on accommodation, the CDR venue, transport, some insider tips to Dublin and the best of Dublin’s food and drink recommendations.


Dublin Castle
Dame St, Dublin 2
Dublin Castle’s conference facilities are located in the magnificent 18th century Georgian quadrangle of buildings in Dublin city center. Throughout the ages, it has been at the heart of Ireland’s history: from the foundations of the first Viking settlement 1,000 years ago, through to the handing over of the castle by the British authorities to the Irish Free State in 1922. More recently, the castle played host to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her historic visit to Ireland in 2011 and hosted the celebrations marking the passage of the same sex marriage referendum in 2015. As well as being one of the architectural highlights of Dublin today, the venue has served as a ceremonial and administrative center for Ireland for centuries, with successive Irish governments continuing to use it for important national occasions, such as state dinners, commemorations and Presidential inaugurations.

Within the castle grounds sit a suite of grand reception rooms known as the State Apartments, which will serve as the venue for the CDR 2017 Welcome Reception on Monday, December 4th. These magnificent apartments are typically reserved for State receptions by the Irish government.

The Conference Development Roundtable event on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th of December will be located in the focal point of the complex, the Hibernia Conference Center, designed for the purpose of accommodating leaders of nations and businesses on visit to Ireland.

On Thursday December 7th, attending organizations are invited to participate in the CDR Careers Fair, which will be held in The Printworks, the largest and newest venue in Dublin Castle, opened for Ireland’s hosting of the European Presidency in 2013. It is located in the lower courtyard with unrivaled views of Dublin’s last intact medieval tower.

Number Twenty Two
22 Anne St S, Dublin 2, Ireland
On the evening of Tuesday, December 5th, attendees of the CDR 2017 are invited to the extraordinary Number Twenty Two, a unique and exclusive venue that combines a Library bar, restaurant and theatre club. Look forward to stepping through its blue doors and discovering an exciting and creative space in the heart of Dublin.